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Concerts for the Wise

Many people have trouble getting to concerts, and paying to go to concerts. However, often these people don't realize that they can have free concert at their own place. One of these groups who have this problem are Senior Citizens. These are the wisest of us, who have been through very hard times over their lifetime. It is just fair that they can recieve live free entertainment.
This is where Travelling Concert Hall's series, Concerts for the Wise comes in. We can bring the concert to the Senior Center, for free. We believe that everyone should have access to live music, no matter what age, and the older one gets, the harder it is to comprise this access.

Upcoming Concerts

Past Concerts

Concert At Orchard Hill (Jazz)
Concert At the Dacha Center of Brighton
Concert At Pines of Sudbury
Concert At the Beaumont Rehabilitation and Special Nursing Center in Natick
Concert At the Wingate Retirement Home of Sudbury
Concert At Traditions of Wayland (Jazz)
Concert At Wayland Sunrise Senior Center (Jazz)
Concert At Traditions of Wayland (#2)
Concert at the Synagogue of the Hebrew Rehabilitation of Boston
Concert at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center of Boston
Concert at Traditions of Wayland
Concert at Weston EPOCH Senior Living Center (Jazz)
Concert at Weston Sunrise Senior Center
Concert at Wayland Sunrise Senior Center

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